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Why Lent?

We have entered the season of Lent. Some may be asking why we observe Lent. What is its purpose in 21st century life? Let's consider the value of a Lenten observance to our busy lives.

Lent is a good opportunity for each of us to enter into a time of in-depth life review. A time to slow down and ask the Spirit of God to inform our hearts and minds about where we are in our relationship with him and with one another. Now this is not an easy exercise. It requires us to be brutally honest with ourselves as we ask the Holy Spirit of God to shine his searchlight on our lives in order to show us, not only where we need to change, but how to change.

Luckly we are not left to our own devises to implement change in our lives. We serve a God of grace that is quick to forgive those that, in repentance, turn to him in faith. He provides everything necessary for us to walk in the way he calls us to live. When he calls us to change, if are open to the leading of his voice, his guidance, his direction, he enables us to become all that he has created us to be.

As we prepare to enter into an active remembrance of Christ's life, passion, and resurrection, may we open our hearts in ever deeper ways to hear the old, old, story, in new and fresh ways and be renewed.

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